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Private transfers to Delphi

In ancient times, the Delphi Oracle is the place to go if you are seeking answer to a problem or a question. For thousands of years, the Oracle has been the ultimate source of answer not just for Greeks but for anyone who seeks answers. People who trekked the place were expected to have an offering. Treasuries where built around the Oracle for the safekeeping of these precious offerings. Temples with lavish and intricate designs were erected to honor the oracles. These structures emerged to be the forerunner of Delphi Hotels today.

Today, Delphi is still a popular site for people who are seeking not answer to questions but rather a time to relax or to explore the wonders of the once glorious city-state. Travelers flock the ruins of the theater, stadium and other buildings. There are also museums that showcase many precious treasures and art pieces that date back to the ancient civilization. This is also where one can see the infamous bronze statue – the Charioteer.

Other than the historic spectacle, Delphi is also known for its great ski tracks. Unlike much of Greece, the town is busy during winter season as ski enthusiasts begin to flock Mount Parnassus.

If you are heading to this town, there are several major Delphi hotels as well as minor inns that you can stay in. Services offered by hotels range from two-star to five-star accommodations. Prices also vary greatly depending on the type of service that the hotel offers. If you get hungry, you can try the restaurants around the city center that serves authentic Greek dishes. You will not run out of choice as small restaurants dot the main road. Most Delphi Hotels operate a restaurant, however, you can always explore around the city for more exciting options.

Delphi is easily accessible from Athens. You can join a tour bus, hire a cab, or rent a car. If you choose to go by tour bus, make sure that you have ample amount of time. People who join the touring bus have enough time to spend looking around. If you are running on a very limited time, you better hire a cab or rent a car.

Auto Union Transfer Services offers professional car rental services. We have a wide array of vehicles on our fleet of cars. You can check out our website the different car models available. Choose and book the best vehicle that will suit your needs and preferences online. You can make your transfer arrangements even before you choose or arrive in Delphi Hotels.

Renting out a car with us is less expensive and less stressful compared to joining an organized tour or hiring a cab. Make the most out of your visit in this wonderful place!

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