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Private transfers to Katakolo

Located in Ilia in the region of Pyrgos, Katakolon is a seaside town that offers scenic views and a fresh ocean breeze. The town is built on a hill overlooking the Ionian Sea. A must see attraction in the town is the lighthouse located in the southwestern part of island. Built and operated in 1865, this iconic landmark speaks of a milestone in the rich history of the town. But the long history of the town transcends the lighthouse. It is the gateway to Olympia – the place where ancient Greeks held their annual feast of athleticism dedicated to Zeus, the origin of what we know now as Olympics.

Today, what remains of the glorious past are remnants of the stadium, quadrangles, treasuries and temples. Katokolon is rich in historical monuments – there is a landmark anywhere. The modern archaeological Museum showcases pieces of ancient Greece as well as Roman sculptures. The famous Nike Winged Victory is also housed in this museum.

Katokolon Cruise Port and Hotels are a top destination for people who visit the place. Most people who visit the town arrive via the Katokolon Cruise Port. If you want to see the town, you can choose to either go for public transport or make transfer arrangements. There are buses and taxicabs available at the port area. However, during touristy seasons, looking for a ride can be quite a problem. If you only have a day or a few hours to spend, you do not want to waste your time waiting for a taxi or a bus to come.

It is always best to work with a reliable car rental service. Auto Union Transfer Services offers the most reliable and convenient transport service for tourists arriving at Katokolon Cruise Ports and Hotels. We have an online portal where you can make your reservations. On display are top of the line cars of various sizes and models. Choose from economy-class sedans to luxury cars to SUVs to vans. We have a full line of cars that will suit every passenger’s transfer needs.

If you want to make any special arrangements or requests, such as a baby booster or additional carriage space, you can call our hotline. Our friendly customer service staff will assist you with your needs. Auto Union Transfer Services has the best vehicles and the most accommodating staff in the region. We want to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable and a truly memorable stay while in Katokolon.

From Katokolon Cruise Ports and Hotels, we will take you to amazing places and let you explore the wonders that this humble seaport town has to offer. Car rentals are perfect for those arriving via cruise ships and have a limited time to spend on the island. Make the most of every minute you stay in this town. Book a car at Auto Union Transfer Services today!

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