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Private transfers to Olympia

Ancient Olympia is a revered place. Considered as the birthplace of Olympics, Olympia is the host of annual feast of athleticism that ancient Greeks dedicated to Zeus. The town is characterized by its peaceful, serene and lush landscape. It is among the most scenic places in the Greek countryside and the most well known tourist destinations in the country.

Travelers who come to Olympia are happy to find a wide assortment of accommodations. There are numerous Ancient Olympia Hotels that you can choose from. Hotels range from two-star to five-star hotels. Some of the best hotels offer panoramic views of the Peloponnese valley. It’s hard not to fall in love with the wonderful sights that can be seen in the town.

Aside from great accommodations, Ancient Olympia Hotels also offer authentic Greek cuisines. Unique dishes are served by fine dining restaurants. Take pleasure on a gastronomic surprise while relaxing in the marvelous view of the valley of Ancient Olympia. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of Greek cuisines as well as fusions of different cooking styles.

Getting to Olympia should not be that hard as the town is easily accessible from major parts of Greece. From Athens, it would only take less than four hours to drive to the town and from Patras or Kalamata airport, a one-hour drive. You can take public transport from Athens to Olympia – daily buses and trains connect these two towns. You might also want to join sightseeing tours from Athens.

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Olympia has lots of surprises for you. You can take a walk at the impressive ruins of the ancient stadiums, visit the archaeological museums, dine in restaurants offering unique Greek dishes, or simply relax in your hotel room. All these many more await you in this wonderful Greek town.

Visit Olympia and relish the Olympic spirit. Immerse into the life of ancient Greeks and enjoy an unparalleled experience!

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